Macedonia (food)

Macedonia or macédoine is a salad composed of small pieces of fruit or of vegetables.

Fruit macedonia or Macedonia de frutas is a fruit salad and is a common dessert in Spain, France, Italy and Latin America.

Vegetable macedonia or Macédoine de légumes nowadays is usually a cold salad or hors d'oeuvre of diced vegetables, in France often including red beans. It is sometimes mixed with mayonnaise combined with aspic stock, making it essentially the same as a vegetarian Russian salad. Macédoine de légumes is also a hot vegetable dish consisting of the same vegetables served with butter.

According to the etymologist Juan Antonio Cincunegui, the word Macedonia was popularised at the end of the 18th Century to refer to mixed fruit salad,. It is sometimes said that it refers to the ethnic mixture in Ottoman 19th century Macedonia, but the chronology and contemporary sources do not support this interpretation. Macedoine can be used of any medley of unrelated things, not necessarily edible.


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