MASkargo or Malaysia Airlines Kargo (Malaysia Airlines Cargo Sdn. Bhd.) is a cargo airline based at Advanced Cargo Centre (ACC) Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia. It is a cargo division of its parent company Malaysia Airlines that operates scheduled, charter air cargo services as well as airport to seaport cargo logistics via ground transportation. Its tagline is Your Preferred Air Cargo Partner.


Established since 1972 to handle the delivery of cargo around the world via Malaysia Airlines' global network of routes. Back then; MASkargo handled 30,000 tonnes of cargo. It became a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines in April 1997 with two Boeing 747-200F freighters from the parent company. It has 1,092 employees (as at March 2007). Now, at new cargo facility at Advanced Cargo Centre (ACC) KLIA, MASkargo have the capacity to serve customers cargo needs up to a million tonnes.


MASkargo currently provides freighter services from Kuala Lumpur and Penang using Boeing 747-200SF and Boeing 747-400F freighter aircraft, to:


Central Asia




As of March 2007 MASkargo has three Boeing 747-200F aircraft in its fleet.

MASkargo operates from Advanced Cargo Center in KL International Airport using two owned Boeing 747-400F and four leased Boeing 747-200SF aircraft. It also offers belly space capacity on its holding company aircraft, Malaysia Airlines.In August 2008, the airline was introduced the Airbus A300 in their fleet of freighter aircraft which was leased from Air Atlanta Icelandic.

Freighter Aircraft
# in
Delivery Date Cargo Cargo Capacity
747-4H6F 2 9M-MPR 30 MAR 2006 30 9 2 2,400 120,000
9M-MPS 30 MAY 2006 30 9 2 2,400 120,000
747-236B 3 TF-ARJ 17 MAR 1987 29 9 2 2,200 100,000
TF-ATX 25 FEB 1987 29 9 2 2,200 100,000
TF-ATZ 24 FEB 1988 29 9 2 2,200 100,000
747-2F6B 1 TF-ARN 17 MAR 1987 29 9 2 2,200 100,000
A300C4-605R 1 TF-ELW 5 APR 1996 42,000 Join MASkargo on 5th September 2008

Color Legend:
Leased aircraft from ILFC Wet leased aircraft from Air Atlanta Icelandic

MASkargo Products and Services


With MASkargo's recent “an airport within a seaport” plan, the company has extended its services to Port Klang, a major seaport in Peninsular Malaysia. A designated air-zone has been established in Port Klang to facilitate this. A collaboration with MASkargo and Port Klang Terminal Operators, the I-port aims to promote Port Klang/KLIA as the load centre for sea and air traffic in the region. Kuala Lumpur's location on the main flight routes of Asia is a fact worth mentioning as are the low operation costs.

The I-port sees a hassle-free transfer of cargo from the seaport in Port Klang to MASkargo's Advanced Cargo Centre. This service ensures an efficient customs declaration any additional documentation as all sea- to- air shipment from the seaports are sealed by the Customs Department, and loaded on to MASkargo's scheduled trucks for outbound destinations through KLIA. Cargo space and flights for the intended airport of destinations are pre-booked by forwarding agents at the MASkargo Air-Zone online handling office, known as "XPQ", situated within the port's Northport Container Yard Terminal. With the introduction of AFTA beginning January 2003, the movement of cargo within the region is expected to increase substantially. I-PORT is listed in the Malaysian Guinness Book of Records as the first service of its kind in Malaysia.

Scheduled truck flight services, from i-PORTS to airports :

Route Frequency
KUL - ZJT 1 x daily
ZJT - KUL 1 x daily
KUL - XPQ 2 x daily
XPQ - KUL 2 x daily


i-secure is a new airport-to-airport logistics facility from MASkargo. Designed for all vulnerable cargo requiring high security service every step of the way, from point of acceptance to point of delivery. Cargo under this service will be stored in a permanent-surveillance area prior to being transported. Types of cargo supported by i-secure include semi-conductor products, consumer electronics, cameras, CD-ROM, computers, watches, and pharmaceutical items. The new i-secure service from MASkargo caters specifically for priority and secure cargo shipments. i-secure is currently available at Malaysia Airlines stations worldwide. i-secure benefits include:-

  • Security arrangements at airport of origin, transit and destination.
  • Service standard for guaranteed smooth cargo clearance
  • Priority uplift gets your cargo released and shipped faster
  • Utmost care during cargo inspection and handling
  • Cargo storage in a permanent-surveillance areas.

Animal Hotel (AVI)

Opened in 1998, the same year KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) began operations, the MASkargo Animal Hotel started as a centre catering to inbound animal shipments for staging and delivery. This changed on 15 June 2004 when the Animal Hotel became a one-stop-centre. The activities included import, export and transshipment delivery and payment. Only then did it transform into a 6-star facility. The MASkargo Animal Hotel is reputed to be one of the best in the world.

The MASkargo Animal Hotel has over 1,297 sq m of space. The animals and pets are given ample space to roam before their flight of upon arrival. The MASkargo Animal Hotel is the sole Animal Hotel in Asia, and one of three in the world. The facility caters to animals such as horses, tigers, fishes, birds, reptiles and elephants. The animals are under the care of the MASkargo team of experienced handlers, and are provided with constant supervision, from acceptance to delivery during the transit. The facility is open 24 hours daily. An on-call veterinarian is available. The MASkargo Animal Hotel places emphasis on comfort, safety and hygiene.

Priority Business Centre

MASkargo's Priority Business Centre is designed to serve by-invitation only customers. Initiated by MASkargo as a first of its kind in the air cargo industry, PBC is open 24 hours a day. The facility is located at Core 2 Ground Floor of MASkargo's Advanced Cargo Centre in KLIA and is staffed by a team of supervisors and officers.

Perishable Centre

A Perishable Centre was set up by MASkargo to ensure that perishable cargo remains well preserved, the one-stop centre takes care of the Acceptance and Delivery of the perishable cargo under one roof. MASkargo provides an “Unbroken Cool Chain" for optimum cooling conditions. Cargo is moved as soon as possible to cold rooms where up to 16 units of ULD maybe be stored. By doing so, the freshness of the cargo is ensured.

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