The M114 Command and Reconnaissance Carrier is a Vietnam War-era tracked armored fighting vehicle, used by the United States Army. It was manufactured by the Cadillac Division of General Motors in the early 1960s.

The M114 is a lightweight, low-silhouette vehicle, designed to complement the M113 in command and reconnaissance roles. It looks like a sleeker, lower M113. It can swim, propelled by its tracks, and is light enough to be transported by cargo aircraft and dropped by parachute. It was originally designed with an enclosed turret for a machine gun. The commander's hatch rotates 360 degrees with its .50 caliber machine gun and mount. Some models were equipped with a 20mm canon.

The M114 is constructed of aluminum and weighs 13,100 lb (5.94 metric tons) empty, with a combat weight of 15,093 lb (6.846 metric tons). It is powered by a Chevrolet V-8 motor. It had a three-man crew, and a top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h).

It saw service in the Vietnam War, but was quickly withdrawn to be used in Europe because it could not keep up with the larger M113s, and tended to get stuck because their noses extended beyond the front tracks. The M113 also had room for troops, and extra firepower when configured for Armored Cavalry (ACAV, mounting three machine guns and gun shields). It was also replaced in the reconnaissance role by the M551 Sheridan light tank. Some continue to be used by police departments.


  • M114
  • M114A1 – new commander's weapon station allowing firing of the .50-cal machine gun from inside (manual and electrically-powered cupola), reinforced trim vane
  • M114A2 – (1969, initially called M114A1E1) replaced main armament with a Hispano-Suiza HS.820 20 mm gun (designated M139 in U.S. service)Used a hydraulically-powered cupola.

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