Los Flamencos National Reserve

Los Flamencos National Reserve is a nature reserve located in the commune of San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta Region of Chile. The reserve covers a total area of 740 km² and consists of seven separate sectors.


Salar de Tara-Salar de Aguas Calientes

This area is made up of two Salt flats: Tara at and Aguas Calientes at .

In 1996, Salar de Tara was designated a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention. It features permanent and seasonal lakes. Among them the main one is Tara Lake, which is fed by the Zapaleri River.

Salar de Tara provides habitat for various rare and endangered species of wildlife. Mountain viscacha, Vicuña, and Pterocnemia pennata tarapacensis are endangered species. Others, such as Andean Goose, Horned Coot, Andean Gull, Puna Tinamou and the three flamingo species inhabiting in Chile, are considered vulnerable. Conservation status of Tawny Tuco-tuco and Culpeo fox is unknown.

Salar de Pujsa

Salar de Pujsa is a salt flat located at and northeast of Acamarachi volcano.

Lagunas Miscanti y Miñiques

This area comprises the lagoons Miscanti and Miñiques situated at the foothills of Cerro Miscanti and the volcano Miñiques.

This portion of the reserve is home to a variety of birds, including Andean Flamingo, Chilean Flamingo, Horned Coot, Silvery Grebe, Andean Gull and Greenish Yellow Finch.

Salar de Atacama (sector Soncor)

In this area is located Chaxa Lagoon at , within the Salar de Atacama.

Chaxa Lagoon provides habitat for bird species. Among those are Chilean and Andean Flamingos, Andean Avocet, Speckled Teal, Crested Duck, Puna Plover, and Baird's Sandpiper.

Sistema hidrológico de Soncor (Soncor's hydrological system), like Salar de Tara, is a Ramsar site. It comprises four shallow salt lakes.

Salar de Atacama (sector Laguna Aguas de Quelana)

Valle de la Luna


Its principal feature is a Tamarugo forest (Prosopis tamarugo).

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