Long Sam

Long Sam was an American comic strip created by Al Capp, creator of Li'l Abner, and syndicated by United Feature Syndicate from 1954 to 1962. The strip was drawn by Bob Lubbers and initially written by Capp, who soon turned the duties over to his brother, Elliot Caplin. Lubbers eventually assumed the writing duties himself in the strip's final phase.

Characters and Premise

Long Sam was, like Li'l Abner, a hillbilly strip, though based on a female character. The title character, Sam, was a hillbilly girl who had been raised in a hidden valley away from civilization by her Maw, who hates men and wishes to protect her daughter from them. The stories deal with Sam's inevitable discovery of the world, and its discovery of her.

The strip is considered an example of good girl art, and Lubbers was chosen as the artist for his facility with attractive females in the syndicated Tarzan strip. Lubbers would later work as an assistant to Capp on Li'l Abner.

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