Note: The art may be spelled in different ways, for example: Liu He Ba Fa (Mandarin Chinese), Lok Hap Baat Faat (Cantonese Chinese), and abbreviated as: LHBF

Liuhebafa 六合八法拳 (Six Harmonies Eight Methods), also called "Xinyi Liuhebafa", and often referred to as "Water Boxing" 水拳 due to its principles, is a form of internal Chinese martial arts. The legendary Taoist sage Chen Tuan (Chen Xi Yi) is credited with its origin and development. He was associated with the Hua Shan Taoist Monastery on Mount Hua in Shaanxi Province.


The Liuhebafa form "Zhu Ji 築基" was taught in the late nineteen thirties in Shanghai and Nanjing by Wu Yi Hui (1887-1958). It is said he had learned the art from three teachers: Yan Guo Xing, Chen Guang Di, and Chen He Lu.

Many of Wu Yi Hui's students had martial arts backgrounds and unfortunately modified the form to merge it with their own knowledge. This is one of several explanations for its similarities with other martial arts such as Xingyiquan, Baguazhang ,Taijiquan and Yiquan.

Six Harmonies and Eight Methods

The Six Harmonies and the Eight Methods are the guiding principles of LiuHebafa that give it its name.

Six Harmonies

  1. 體合于心 Body and Mind Combine
  2. 心合于意 Mind and Intent Combine
  3. 意合于氣 Intent and Chi Combine
  4. 氣合于神 Chi and Spirit Combine
  5. 神合于動 Spirit and Movement Combine
  6. 動合于空 Movement and Emptiness Combine

Eight Methods

  1. 氣 Chi
  2. 骨 Bone
  3. 形 Shape
  4. 隨 Follow
  5. 提 Rise
  6. 還 Return
  7. 勒 Retain
  8. 伏 Conceal


The system of Liuhebafa, called Huayue Xiyi Men, as taught by Wu Yi Hui contains several forms (taolu), including bare hand and weapons forms as well as Qigong methods.

Hand forms

  • 三盤十二勢 San Pan Shi Er Shi - 3 Divisions 12 Spirits
  • 築基 Zhu Ji - Discovering the Foundations
  • 呂紅八勢 Lu Hong Ba Shi - 8 Essences of Lu Hong's Fist
  • 龍虎戰 Long Hu Zhan - Dragon and Tiger Fighting
  • 螫龍遊 Zhe Long You - Coiled Dragon Swimming
  • 螫龍拳 Zhe Long Chuan - Coiled Dragon Fist

Weapon forms

  • 心意棍 Xin Yi Guan - Heart of Intent Staff
  • 露花刀 Lu Hua Dao - Dew Mist Broadsword
  • 玉川劍 Yu Chuan Jian - Jade River Straightsword

Internal exercises

  • 韋佗功 Wei Tuo Gong - Standing meditation
  • 太陽功 Tai Yang Gong - Solar Meditation
  • 一杰混元功 Yi Jie Hun Yuan Gong - Primary Definitive Force
  • 先天座 Xian Tian Zhuo - Pre-Heaven Meditation
  • 三盤推手 San Pan Tui Shou - 3 Divisions Push Hands

source: information and translations provided by " International Liuhebafa Internal Arts Association"

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