List of rulers of Lorraine

The rulers of Lorraine have held different posts under different governments over different regions. The first rulers of the region were kings of the Franks whose kingdom was called Lotharingia. The Latin construction "Lotharingia" evolved over time into "Lorraine" in French and "Lothringen" in German. After the Carolingian kingdom was absorbed into its neighbouring realms in the late ninth century, dukes were appointed over the territory. In the mid-tenth century, the duchy was divided into Lower Lorraine and Upper Lorraine, the second of which became known as the Duchy of Lorraine and existed well into the modern era.

Kings of Lotharingia

Charles the Bald claimed Lotharingia on Lothair's death and was crowned king in Metz, but his brother Louis the German opposed his claim and in 870 the Treaty of Mersen divided Lotharingia between the two brothers and subsequently their sons. In 880, the Treaty of Ribemont gave the whole of Lotharingia to Louis the Younger, son of Louis the German.

In 922, Lotharingia was subsumed into the Kingdom of Germany.

Dukes of Lorraine

In 959, Lorraine was divided into two provinces: Upper and Lower, each being given to a margrave or vice-duke under Bruno. Upon Bruno's death in 965, that of Lower Lorraine, whose margrave had died, was left vacant until 977. In that year Charles was appointed duke of Lower Lorraine and Frederick I was elevated duke in Upper Lorraine. The two duchies remained separate, following separate pathways, except for the brief period between 1033 and 1044.

Dukes of Lower Lorraine

Note that the numbering of the dukes varies between sources.

Matfreding dynasty

Carolingian dynasty

House of Ardennes–Verdun

House of Luxembourg

House of Ardennes–Verdun

  • Godfrey III the Bearded (1065–1069) (also known as Godfrey II, also duke of Upper Lorraine)
  • Godfrey IV (1069–1076) (also known as Godfrey III)

Salian dynasty

House of Boulogne (Ardennes–Bouillon)

  • Godfrey V (1087–1100) (also known as Godfrey IV)

House of Limburg

House of Leuven

  • Godfrey VI (1106–1129) (also known as Godfrey V)

House of Limburg

House of Leuven

Passes to Duke of Brabant.

Dukes of Upper Lorraine

House of Ardennes-Bar

House of Ardennes-Verdun

  • Gothelo (r. 1033–1044) (also duke of Lower Lorraine).
  • Godfrey, the Bearded (r. 1044–1046) (also duke of Lower Lorraine)

House of Metz (Ardennes-Metz)

House of Valois-Anjou

House of Vaudemont

Junior branch of the previous rulers of Ardennes–Metz

From 1669 to 1697, Lorraine is occupied by France.

From 1702 to 1714, under French occupation.

House of Leszczyński

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