List of political parties in Canada

This article lists political parties in Canada.

Federal parties

Provincial and territorial parties


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

From approximately 1898 to 1905, political parties were active; however, legislative government was eliminated when the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created out of the heavily populated area of NWT. Elected legislative government was re-established in 1951. Like Nunavut, NWT elects independent candidates and operates by consensus. Some candidates in recent years have asserted that they were running on behalf of a party, but territorial law does not recognize parties.

Historical parties 1897 - 1905

Unofficial parties modern era

Nova Scotia


Parties represented in the Legislative Assembly

  • None - the territory, established in 1999, has a legislature that runs on a consensus government model, candidates running as independents, and no parties are represented in the legislative assembly.


Prince Edward Island



Yukon Territory

Party politics was established in 1978. Between 1902 and 1978, candidates for election ran as independents. From 1898 to 1909, there were some appointed members in the council that now is known as a legislative assembly.

Parties represented in the Legislative Assembly

Other parties that have formed government

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