List of lochs in Scotland

The following is a list of lochs in Scotland. Loch is a Scottish Gaelic word for a lake or fiord, cognate with the Irish Gaelic lough, which has been borrowed by Scots and Scottish English to apply to such bodies of water, especially those located in Scotland.

The freshwater Lake of Menteith is the only natural body of water called a "lake" in Scotland. There are however, one or two other man-made "lakes"; the Lake of the Hirsel being an example. There are also numerous lochs called "Water", particularly in the Northern Isles e.g. Roer Water on Shetland and Heldale Water on Orkney. These are not to be confused with named rivers, particularly in the South of Scotland e.g. Whiteadder Water and Blackadder Water

Freshwater lochs

Saltwater lochs

Historic lochs

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