List of extinct animals of the British Isles

This is a list of extinct animals of the British Isles. Only a small number of these are globally extinct, most famously the Irish Elk, Great Auk and Woolly Mammoth. Most of the remainder survive to some extent outside the British Isles. The list includes introduced species only where they were able to form self-sustaining colonies for a time. Only species extinct since the British Isles were separated from mainland Europe are included. The date beside each species is the last date when a specimen was observed in the wild, or where this is not known, the approximate date of extinction. The list is complete for mammals, reptiles, freshwater fish and amphibians.

See also the list of endangered species in the British Isles.

Extinct Species








Bees, wasps and ants


Butterflies and moths

Dragonflies and damselflies

Purple Banana Octopus


Reintroduction & Re-establishment

See also UK lists under reintroduction.

White-tailed Eagle has been successfully re-established on the west coast of Scotland. Red Kite and Osprey have been successfully re-established in parts of England and Scotland. Ongoing projects involve both these species; Corncrake into parts of England and Scotland; Great Bustard on Salisbury Plain.

There are plans to reintroduce European Beaver to parts of Britain, especially Scotland. There are also plans to reintroduce the Wolf in Scotland. There are no plans to reintroduce Brown Bears.

Large Blue butterfly has been successfully re-established from Swedish stock at a number of sites, but few of these are open-access. There are also several successful cases of the establishment of new populations of Heath Fritillary.

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