List of Shooto Champions

The following is a list of Shooto World champions at each weight class. PLEASE NOTE: Title defenses are incomplete and these do NOT include the regional or rookie champions that the Shooto organization recognizes.

Title Histories

Bantamweight Championship

123lbs and below
Name: Date: Defenses:
Mamoru Yamaguchi
(def. Yasuhiro Urushitani)
December 14, 2003

Shinichi Kojima
(def. Mamoru Yamaguchi)
October 14, 2006

Featherweight Championship

124 to 132 lbs
Name: Date: Defenses:
Mamoru Yamaguchi
(def. Jin Akimoto)
December 17, 2000

Masahiro Oishi
(def. Mamoru Yamaguchi)
November 25, 2001

Ryota Matsune
(def. Masahiro Oishi)
August 10, 2003

Title vacated February 2006 Matsune suffered a knee injury which prevented him from defending his title in the mandatory time period per Shooto regulations.
Akitoshi Hokazono
(def. Kenji Osawa)
July 21, 2006
Title vacated January 2008 Hokazono announced his retirment January 26, 2008 and thus relinquished the title.
Masakatsu Ueda
(def. Koetsu Okazaki)
March 28, 2008

Lightweight Championship

133 to 143 lbs
Name: Date: Defenses:
Kenichi Tanaka
(def. Kazuhiro Sakamoto)
July 7, 1990

Kazuhiro Sakamoto
(def. Kenichi Tanaka)
May 31, 1991

Noboru Asahi
(def. Kazuhiro Sakamoto)
March 27, 1992

Alexandre Franca Nogueira
(def. Noboru Asahi)
September 5, 1999

Title vacated May 7, 2006 Nogueira suffered a knee injury which prevented him from defending his title in the mandatory time period per Shooto regulations.
Takeshi Inoue
(def. Antonio Carvalho)
May 12, 2006
Akitoshi Tamura
(def. Takeshi Inoue)
May 18, 2007
Hideki Kadowaki
(def. Akitoshi Tamura)
March 28, 2008

Welterweight Championship

144 to 154 lbs
Name: Date: Defenses:
Yuichi Watanabe
(def. Kazuhiro Kusayanagi)
March 29, 1991
Title vacated unknown Watanabe vacated the title for unknown reasons.
Tomonori Ohara
(def. Yomohiro Tanaka)
September 1992
Title vacated unknown Ohara vacated the title for unknown reasons.
Yuki Nakai
(def. Kazuhiro Kusayanagi)
November 7, 1994
Title vacated unknown Nakai suffered an eye injury which forced him into retirement.
Caol Uno
(def. Rumina Sato)
May 29, 1999

Title vacated December 17, 2000 Caol Uno vacated the belt to compete in the UFC.
Takanori Gomi
(def. Rumina Sato)
December 16, 2001

Joachim Hansen
(def. Takanori Gomi)
August 10, 2003
Vitor Ribeiro
(def. Joachim Hansen)
December 14, 2003
Tatsuya Kawajiri
(def. Vitor Ribeiro)
December 14, 2004

Title vacated January 23, 2007 Kawajiri suffered a hand injury which prevented him from defending his title in the mandatory time period per Shooto regulations.
Takashi Nakakura
(def. Ganjo Tentsuku)
May 2, 2008

Middleweight Championship

155 to 167lbs
Name: Date: Defenses:
Yasuto Sekishima
(def. Yoshimasa Ishikawa)
May 12, 1990
Yoshimasa Ishikawa
(def. Yasuto Sekishima)
August 3, 1991
Title vacated unknown Ishikawa vacated the title for unknown reasons.
Naoki Sakurada
(def. Kazuhiro Kusayanagi)
September 25, 1992
Title vacated January 18, 1997 Sakurada retired thus vacating the title.
Hayato Sakurai
(def. Jutaro Nakao)
May 13, 1998

Anderson Silva
(def. Hayato Sakurai)
August 26, 2001
Title vacated 2001 Silva decided to leave Shooto thus vacating the title.
Jake Shields
(def. Ray Cooper)
July 9, 2004
Akira Kikuchi
(def. Jake Shields)
December 14, 2004
Shinya Aoki
(def. Akira Kikuchi)
February 17, 2006

Light Heavyweight Championship

168 to 183lbs
Name: Date: Defenses:
Kenji Kawaguchi
(def. Manabu Yamada)
May 31, 1991
Erik Paulson
(def. Kenji Kawaguchi)
May 7, 1996
Title vacated December 2000 Paulson vacated the title and retired.
Masanori Suda
(def. Lance Gibson)
January 12, 2002

Title vacated February 26, 2006 Suda vacated the title and retired.
Shikou Yamashita
(def. Dustin Denes)
April 22, 2006

Siyar Bahaduzada
(def. Shikou Yamashita)
July 14, 2007

Heavyweight Championship

184 and uplbs
Name: Date: Defenses:
Enson Inoue
(def. Joe Estes)
October 12, 1997
Title vacated 2000 Inoue vacated the title and left shooto. Since then Shooto has disregarded the Heavyweight division.


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