List of Lepidoptera that feed on ragweeds

Ragweeds (Ambrosia spp.) are used as food plants by the caterpillars (larvae) of some Lepidoptera species including:
Monophagous species that feed exclusively on Ambrosia spp.

*B. agnella - feeds on A. artemisiifolia
*B. franseriae - feeds on A. deltoidea
*B. transversata - feeds on A. psilostachya

*S. dobla - feeds on A. dumosa
*S. rivulosa
*S. sexplagiata - feeds on A. psilostachya
*S. thoreaui
Polyphagous species that feed on Ambrosia spp. among other plants

*B. ambrosiaefoliella
*B. pomifoliella

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