List of English words of Urdu origin

Words of Urdu origin have entered other languages. Many words have been incorporated into Indian English. Some have thence been exported to the English language in general and thence to other languages.


Amri: from Amri, town in Sind province, Pakistan, its type station, of or belonging to the earliest known stone-using and shell-using culture of the Indus river system which extends also into the Sind and southern Baluchistan and is characterized by a distinctive pottery.


Barisal guns: from Barisal, town in Bangladesh. Brontides heard near the town of Barisal on a mouth of the Ganges. Bungalow: from Hindi banglA & Urdu banglA, literally, "(house) in the Bengal style".


Chittagong wood: from Chittagong, city in Bangladesh. The wood of either of two Indian trees (Chukrasia tabularis and Toona ciliata) of the family Meliaceae used for its mahoganylike qualities in cabinetwork. Cushy: from khushi خوشی - easy, happy, soft.


Garam Masala: from Hindi and Urdu garam masala, literally, "hot spices".


Jaconet: modification of Urdu jagannathi, from Jagannath (Puri), [India], where such cloth was first made. Jhukar: from Jhukar, Sind, Pakistan, where artifacts were found. Of or relating to a culture of the Indus valley about 2500 B.C. and later that is known from settlements built upon those of Harappa and is characterized by buildings inferior to Harappa and round crudely decorated seals or seal amulets of pottery. Jinnah Cap: after Pakistani statesman Muhammad Ali Jinnah died in 1948. A hat shaped like a fez but made of real or imitation karakul and worn by Pakistani Muslims on occasion. It is called a "Karakulli topi" (Topi meaning cap).


Khaki: of dust colour.Kulli: from Kulli, locality in southern Baluchistan, Pakistan, site of the finds. Of or relating to a prehistoric culture of southern Baluchistan characterized by polychrome vases and small objects modeled in clay.


Multan: from Multan, Pakistan. A kind of rug prevalent in Multan.


Paki: short for Pakistani. Pakistani: from Hindustani Pakistan. Poori: from Hindi & Urdu puri, from Sanskrit pura "cake".


Quetta: from Quetta, town in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Of or belonging to a culture of northern Baluchistan of about the fourth millennium B.C. characterized by pottery decorated in geometric designs.


Raita: from Hindi & Urdu rayta. Rangpur: from Rangpur, town and region in Bangladesh. Any of various mandarin oranges with sour highly acid fruits. Roti: from Hindi & Urdu roti "bread"; akin to Prakrit rotta "rice flour", Sanskrit rotika "kind of bread".


Sahiwal: from Sahiwal, town in western Pakistan. An Indian breed of humped short-horned solid-colored dairy cattle.


Tharparkar: from Thar and Parkar, district in Pakistan. An Indian breed of pale gray humped dairy cattle with lyrate horns.

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