[lee-petsk; Russ. lyee-pyitsk]
Lipetsk, city (1989 pop. 450,000), capital of Lipetsk region, E central European Russia, on the Voronezh River. It is the center of an iron-ore-mining area. Industrial products include steel, fertilizer, tractors, food products, cement, household appliances, and metal goods. The city has mineral springs and since the 18th cent. has been a health resort center. It was founded in the 13th cent., completely destroyed by the Tatars at the end of the 13th cent., and rebuilt (1707) by Peter the Great as a metallurgical center.

Lipetsk (Ли́пецк) is a city located in the Central Federal District of Russia. It is the administrative center of Lipetsk Oblast. It is located on the banks of the Voronezh River in the Don basin, 438 km southeast of Moscow.


Lipetsk was first mentioned in the 13th century chronicles. The name means "Linden city" and is cognate with Leipzig and Liepāja. In 1284, the city was destroyed by the Mongols.

In 1703, Peter the Great ordered construction of a cast iron factory in Lipetsk near the iron ore deposits for making artillery shells.

In 1779, Lipetsk became one of the principal towns of the Tambov guberniya.

In 1879, Lipetsk hosted a congress of members of Zemlya i volya.

The principal industries of Lipetsk include ferrous metallurgy, machinery, metalworking, machine tools, engines, chemicals, food, and clothing.

Lipetsk is one of the oldest mud bath and balneological resorts in Russia (first opened in 1805). Peat mud and chalybeate hydrocarbonate calcic springs are used to treat patients. Sulphate and chloride sodium water is used for therapeutic baths and drinking. Lipetsk is also the birth place of Andrei Gheorghe (Андрей Георге), one of Romania's best and most controversial[needs attribution] radio and television figure.

Lipetsk is the home of the Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk Teacher's Training College, and some other colleges.

At the Lipetsk Air Base air base north of the town, the 4th Center of Combat Application and Conversion of Frontline Aviation named after V.P.Chkalov is situated in Lipetsk.

The Lipetsk Air Center has long and glorious history. Its chief, colonel Kharchevski has become famous after trial air combats in the USA and being a personal pilot of President Putin.

The city is also served by the smaller Lipetsk Airport airport.

Near Lipetsk at Kuz'minskie Otverži (Кузьминские Отвержки ), there is a 354.6 metres tall guyed mast for FM-/TV-broadcasting, which belongs to the tallest of its kind in Russia.


The former steel combinate has been privatized in 1992 and Novolipetsk Steel

(NLMK) with approximately 48,000 employees and an 64% export ratio (2005) is one of the largest employers in the region. Other industry are another metallurgical plant "Svobodny Sokol" ("Free Falcon"), a tractor factory LTZ, solvent-extraction plant Liboil (largest rapeseed oil producer in Central Federal District and the second in Russia), pipe factory, a factory for refrigerators and household appliances, an ice factory, lathe factory, chemical factories, etc. Industry is mainly located south of Voronezh River.


Census 1926 1939 1956 1962 1967 1970 1973 1976 1979 1982 1986 1989 1992 1996 2000 2003 2007
Pop. 21,000 67,000 123,000 194,000 253,000 289,000 327,000 361,000 396,000 423,000 434,000 450,000 463,000 476,000 521,000 506,000 502,600

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Germany Cottbus 1974
China Anshan 1992
Italy Fabriano 2003

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