Lingga, Malaysia

For the Indonesian islands, see Lingga Islands
Lingga also called 龙呀in mandrin is a small town, in Sri Aman Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. It is situated at the riverside and near to Sebuyau on the coast.

There are only seventeen small stores in the town. All of which are run by local Chinese merchants. The population of Lingga has not risen because of a lack of job opportunities. Lingga is also well known by local citizen where it is the home of "Crocodile". There are quite a number of crocodile appear in the river of Batang Lupar. Hence, the local citizen called Lingga as a "Crocodile Town".Lingga is also well known as a place which produce a lot of fish.The most common type of fish that Lingga produce is "Terobok'.


As one part of Sarawak, Lingga was overtake by the White Rajahs empire. The last Rajah, which is Charles Vyner Brooke, had build up the agriculture as the economy income of Lingga. The Kingdom of Sarawak had changes Lingga develop from a ruler area to a small town. Meanwhile, Lingga's development had stop while the happens of World War II. Lingga stop develop after Sarawak joined as a part of Malaysia.Therefore the population of the place getting little.

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