Liam Wilson

Liam Wilson (b. December 22, 1979) is the bass player of the band The Dillinger Escape Plan and former bass player of the band Starkweather. Before playing in the Dillinger Escape Plan, Liam played bass for other Philadelphia-based metal bands, such as For Life and Burnside.

A vegan who is concerned about environmental causes, Liam wore a shirt with the homemade message "Stop MTM/VF" on the Dillinger Escape Plan's February 2, 2008 appearance on Late Night with Conan o'Brien. Liam has been vegan for over ten years, and has appeared in several pro-vegan advertisements for PETA2.

Liam has also written a several columns for Bass Player Magazine in which he extols the virtues of Bikram Yoga in relation to his bass playing.

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