Letronne (crater)

Letronne is the lava-flooded remnant of a lunar crater. The northern part of the rim is completely missing, and opens into the Oceanus Procellarum, forming a bay along the southwestern shore. The formation is located to the northwest of the large Gassendi crater.To the west-southwest is the flooded crater Billy, and north-northwest lies the smaller Flamsteed crater.

The surviving rim of Letronne is now little more than a semi-curcular series of ridges. The flooded, broken rim of Winthrop crater overlays the western wall. The rim is the most intact along the eastern stretch, forming a mountainous promontory into the mare. A small cluster of central rises lie at the mid-point of the crater. A wrinkle-ridge traverses the floor from north to south, and outline a portion of the missing rim. The crater floor is otherwise nearly smooth and relatively free of craterlets, with the exception of 'Letronne B' near the southeast rim.

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Letronne crater.

Letronne Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 12.1° S 39.1° W 7 km
B 11.2° S 41.2° W 5 km
C 10.7° S 38.5° W 4 km
F 9.2° S 46.1° W 8 km
G 12.7° S 46.5° W 10 km
H 12.6° S 46.0° W 4 km
K 14.5° S 43.6° W 5 km
L 14.3° S 44.3° W 5 km
M 12.0° S 44.1° W 3 km
N 12.3° S 39.8° W 4 km
T 12.5° S 42.6° W 3 km

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.


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