Leonard Mawe

Leonard Mawe born c. 1552, Rendlesham, Suffolk, the son of Simon Mawe born Epworth, Lincolnshire, c. 1531 and Margery Wylde born Selby Yorkshire c. 1522 (d. 1629, Chiswick) was a Bishop of Bath and Wells and a Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge and Trinity College, Cambridge.

He gained a BA degree from Peterhouse in 1592 and was elected a fellow in 1594, later becoming Master of Peterhouse on 16 November 1617. In 1621, he served as Prebend of Wells. He also served as Vice-Chancellor to the University of Cambridge from 1621-1622. Together with Matthew Wren, he accompanied Prince Charles to Madrid in search of a bride (the so called Spanish Match). On acceding to the thrown, Charles rewarded him by appointing him Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, which post he held until his death in 1629. From 1628-1629, he was also Bishop of Bath and Wells.


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