Leo Valentine

Leo Valentine is a fictional character on the long-running British Channel 4 television soap opera Hollyoaks.

Character history

Leo is the estranged husband of Diane, the father of Calvin, Sonny and Sasha. He came to live with his family after their mother's death. He is an alcoholic and was drunk at his estranged wife's funeral. He has now managed to barge into the house and is living there permanently. He had a one night stand with Myra McQueen, but later lied about it to Sasha and said he spent the night on a mate's floor after drinking too much. Sasha later discovered from her friend Michaela McQueen. Sasha was shocked but did not pursue the matter. In early 2007, Myra contracted an STD after another night with Leo. It's unknown whether she ever informed him.

Leo was disappointed when Sonny left home to live with his aunt, soon after he nearly died after choking on a pork scratching but was saved by Steph Dean.

New Family

On September 6th 2007, one of Leo's secrets is revealed when his illegitimate children Danny & Lauren the children he had with kids mother Valerie Holden, arrive in the village when Valerie demands that he looks after them while she sorts out her housing problems. When Valerie tells Calvin and Sasha that these two strangers are in fact their half-brother and sister, all eyes turn to Leo who realises he has some explaining to do!

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