The Lawbringers are a race of beings created for the CrossGen comic Negation.

The Lawbringers are the twisted, mis-shapen gods of the Negation universe and have abilities on par with the beautiful, perfectly formed First, those considered gods in other universes. The Lawgivers were created when Charon, the mad god of the Negation universe, somehow expelled from himself all his rage and madness. This mixed with the anarchical energies of Negation space and the Lawbringers were born. He dubbed them Lawbringers, each an aspect of Charon's infinite self, and the living embodiment of his own wrath and righteousness. (Negation: Lawbringer oneshot)

Known named Lawbringers:

BCRM - Muscular, double-headed Lawbringer. First named in Mark of Charon mini-series.

BLYQ - Revealed to be the leader of the resistance against Charon. (Negation #21)

LKQR - Tall, thin, with a very long tongue. Killed by Matua. (Negation #21)

QZTR - Tall, thin, spiky head and long claw-like fingers. Clad in black leather. The favored of Charon's Lawbringers and considered the eldest son.

QRYN - Sort of a female version of QZTR. Tricked by Javi Cobian into revealing the truth about Charon and the birth of the Lawbringers. (Mark of Charon mini-series)

XXTR - Took form as Roiya in Sigil before revealing itself to Sam.

Miranda Cross - So named in human form within the pages of Ruse. Her dialogue in Ruse #18 hinted at her being a Lawbringer. The website planets page stated that she was.

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