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Law & Order: Trial by Jury was an American television drama about criminal trials set in New York City. It was the fourth spin-off from the long-running Law & Order. The show's almost exclusive focus is on the criminal trial of the accused, showing both the prosecution's and defense's preparation for trial, as well as the trial itself. The series premiered on Thursday, March 3, 2005, and aired its series finale on Friday, May 6, 2005. Its regular time slot was Fridays 10/9 p.m. ET on NBC. An additional episode aired on Court TV (now truTV) after the series' cancellation.


The following statement, narrated by Steven Zirnkilton, is spoken at the beginning of nearly every episode:

In the criminal justice system, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, either by confession, plea bargain, or trial by jury. This is one of those trials.

Unlike the other Law & Order series, Trial By Jury shows what it is like to prepare for and try a criminal case. The episodes usually start with a witness or victim telling a story about a crime that has already occurred. This story is used to inform the audience on what happened prior to the beginning of the episode. This is a departure from the other three Law & Order shows, which usually start off showing the audience the actual crime. The show progresses on from that point, showing how both sides develop their strategies for winning the case.

The prosecution's preparation usually includes scenes where their investigators go out and follow up on leads and interview witnesses. The defense's preparation varies from episode to episode, running the gamut from testing arguments in front of jury focus groups to unethical dealmaking between co-defendants. Each episode has several trial scenes, with both sides examining witnesses and giving arguments. There are also several pre-trial meetings where some procedural issue is argued and ruled on. In addition, there are a few episodes showing jury deliberation. The show develops the judges as characters, showing scenes of them conferring with each other and reusing the same judges in multiple episodes.


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Episode Guide For L&O: Trial by Jury
!Episode #
Production # Air Date Title
1-1 E5701 3 March 2005 "The Abominable Showman"
1-2 E5707 4 March 2005 "Forty-One Shots"
1-3 E5712 11 March 2005 "Vigilante"
1-4 E5703 18 March 2005 "Truth or Consequences"
1-5 E5704 25 March 2005 "Baby Boom"
1-6 E5710 1 April 2005 "Pattern of Conduct"
1-7 E5711 8 April 2005 "Bang & Blame"
1-8 E5716 15 April 2005 "Skeleton" (This is the second half of the Law & Order episode "Tombstone").
1-9 E5714 22 April 2005 "The Line"
1-10 E5713 29 April 2005 "Blue Wall"
1-11 E5715 3 May 2005 "Day" (This was the second half of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Night").
1-12 E5706 6 May 2005 "Boys Will Be Boys"
1-13 E5705 21 January 2006 "Eros in the Upper Eighties" (Note: this episode was never aired on NBC).

Ep. # Title Writer(s) Director Airdate Prod. code
1 "The Abominable Snowman" Dick Wolf Jean de Segonzac March 3, 2005 E5701
A Famous brodway Producer is Charged with Murder after his girlfriend disappears.
2 "Forty-One Shots" Walton Green Caleb Deschanel March 4, 2005 E5707
A Cop Killer who was shot 41 times is on trial for murder, but his defense argues that he shot the officer in self-defense.
3 "Vigilante" David Wilcox Dwight Little March 11, 2005 E5712
A Dangerous Sex Offender is Paroled Despite the Neighborhood's objections and is quickly killed by a vigilante making the killer a hero.
4 "Truth or Consequenses" Walton Green & David Wilcox Constatine Markris March 18, 2005 E5703
Three young men, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, are charged with killing a young woman. When they turn on each other, the killer is not necessarily the obvious one.
5 "Baby Boom" Joan Rater & Tony Phelan Michael Pressman March 25, 2005 E5704
When a baby dies, her nanny is charged for murder. The prosecution has to prove it's case while dealing with the judge's bias
6 "Pattern of Conduct" Pamula J. Wechsler & Walton Green Constantine Markris April 1, 2005 E5710
A married Basketball star is suspected of killing his misteress, even though there is a question whenever her death was a suicide or a homicide.
7 "Bang & Blame" Chris Levinson Caleb Deschanel April 8, 2005 E5711
A Grief-stricken man opens fire at the bank where he works, killing a woman and injuring two others. He tries to blame bad luck, the police, and others for his actions.
8 "Skeleton (Part 2)" David Wilcox David Platt April 15, 2005 E5716
In pursute of the suspect who shot Detective Green and killed a former cop, the detectives and prosicuters are led to a porn magnate who may have ordered the attack.
9 "The Line" Tony Phelan & Joan Rater Richard Pearce April 22, 2005 E5714
A Murder is getting aut of jail because of bad evidence at his trial, and Kibre is determined to find new evidence to put him back behind bars.
10 "Blue Wall" Rick Eid Joe Ann Fogle April 29, 2005 E5713
When a gay freshman of the NYU dies after being assulted in police custody, the cops who arrested him are put on trial for the murder
11 "Day (Part 2)" Chris Levinson Caleb Deschanel May 3, 2005 E5715
When a woman who was raped dies from a heart attack, the evidence leads to Gabriel Duvall, the son of a rich soluite, who appeears to prey of defenseless illegal immigrant women.
12 "Boys Will Be Boys" Rick Eid Aaron Lipstadt May 6, 2005 E5706
A Transexual is punched to death after "dating" a yound Latino man, and his father's rage appears to be the cause of tragedy
13 "Eros in the Upper Eighties" Chris Levinson Joe Ann Fogle Unaired/January 21, 2006 E5705
A Doorman at a high-end upper Eastside building saves a tenant's life when he pulls a homeless man off her, but kills him in the progress, and what appears to be an act of a good Samaritan is actually much more complicated


  • Episode 1 (3/03/05) - 17.3 million
  • Episode 2 (3/04/05) - 14.5 million
  • Episode 3 (3/11/05) - 10.7 million
  • Episode 4 (3/18/05) - 11.5 million
  • Episode 5 (3/25/05) - 11.1 million
  • Episode 6 (4/01/05) - 10.6 million
  • Episode 7 (4/08/05) - 11.4 million
  • Episode 8 (4/15/05) - 13.2 million
  • Episode 9 (4/22/05) - 10.1 million
  • Episode 10 (4/29/05) - 9.6 million
  • Episode 11 (5/03/05) - 16.6 million
  • Episode 12 (5/06/05) - 9.8 million


NBC announced on May 16, 2005 that Trial by Jury would not be returning for the 2005-2006 fall television season. The rival CBS procedural NUMB3RS debuted in the midseason in late January 2005 and consistently beat NBC's Medical Investigation in the ratings, sending the latter show into hiatus and eventual cancellation and freeing up the time slot for Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Despite Trial by Jury 's pedigree, NUMB3RS' ratings remained strong, often beating Trial by Jury in both overall and key demographic ratings. Most insiders agree that Orbach's death may have been a contributing cause to the series' inability to attract viewers, similar to that of Phil Hartman's death and the subsequent end to NewsRadio.

Trial by Jury is the first series of the Law & Order franchise to be cancelled, although TV Guide reported at one point that NBC had reconsidered its decision and would pick up the series once again (or hand it off to Turner Network Television, which also airs reruns of the original series). The sets were reused by a series Wolf produced for NBC entitled Conviction which premiered Friday, March 3 2006, lasting only one season before cancellation. In an October 2005 interview with the Associated Press, Wolf stated that NBC had assured him Trial by Jury would return for the fall of 2005 but had "blindsided" him by cancelling it instead.

Court TV (now TruTV) re-aired the entire series, including the episode "Eros In The Upper Eighties," which never aired on NBC before the show's cancellation.

DVD release

The complete series was released on region 1 DVD by Universal on April 25, 2006.


Crossover episodes

There were 2 two-part crossover episodes:

"Night" was included on the Law & Order: Trial By Jury DVD set. However, for unexplained reasons, "Tombstone" was not.

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