Late congenital syphilis

Late congenital syphilis is a subset of cases of congenital syphilis. By definition, it occurs in children at or greater that 2 years of age who acquired the infection trans-placentally.

Symptoms include

  • blunted upper incisor teeth known as Hutchinson's teeth
  • inflammation of the cornea known as interstitial keratitis
  • deafness from auditory nerve disease
  • frontal bossing (prominence of the brow ridge)
  • saddle nose (collapse of the bony part of nose)
  • hard pallet defect
  • swollen knees
  • saber shins
  • short maxillae
  • protruding mandible

A frequently-found group of symptoms is Hutchinson's triad, which consists of Hutchinson's teeth (notched incisors), keratitis and deafness and occurs in 63% of cases.

Treatment (with penicillin) before the development of late symptoms is essential.


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