Larry Dixon

Larry Dixon (b. July 28, 1966) is a fantasy artist and novelist.


Dixon, the son of a Delta Force career commando, studied at The North Carolina School of the Arts and at Savannah College of Art & Design. In 1992, he married fantasy author Mercedes Lackey; they live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Larry, a sports car enthusiast, is also a storm spotter and volunteer firefighter. He can often be found rushing to the scene of any disaster where people need help -- usually with truckloads of supplies.


Larry has collaborated with his wife, Mercedes Lackey, on a number of her books, including:

  • The Mage Wars Trilogy (DAW)
    • The Black Gryphon
    • The White Gryphon
    • The Silver Gryphon
  • The SERRAted Edge Novels (Baen)
    • Chrome Circle
    • Born to Run
  • The Owl Trilogy (DAW)
    • Owlsight
    • Owlflight
    • Owlknight


Dixon has contributed artwork to Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons source books, including Oriental Adventures, Epic Level Handbook, and Fiend Folio. His skill with depicting birds of prey has often led to commissions with the United States Military and with Save Our American Raptors, an organization devoted to raptor rehabilitation.

Raptor rehabilitation

As a birds-of-prey rehabilitation specialist, Dixon, along with Lackey, has returned over four hundred hawks, owls, falcons and corbies into the wild. He is currently working toward his falconry license with his friend Cheyenne, a horned owl.

Film Consultation Experience

Larry's wildlife rehabilitation led to a minor role in the creation of the digital effects for the giant eagles in the Lord of the Rings movies. Dixon took digital photographs of a stuffed golden eagle he is currently keeping for its owner, a local tribal elder. These photographs, along with castings of the beak and talons, were sent to Weta Digital in New Zealand to provide texture mapping for the digital model for Gwaihir and company.


Larry is a frequent guest at fantasy, art, and comic conventions. Guest of Honor appearances include ICON 17 (1992), Odyssey-con (2001), CONvergence (2005), FenCon II (2005), Swancom (2006), CAPEday (2007), and many more. He is scheduled to appear at Dragon Con (Atlanta) and CONvergence in 2008.

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