Lana Shields

Lana Shields was a short-lived character on Three's Company played by Ann Wedgeworth. She had a crush on Jack Tripper, but the feeling was not mutual. In return, Mr. Furley liked her but she despised him (although he never came to realize this). The fact came from episode "The New Landlord", in which the gang accidently sold all of Furley's furniture to a junk dealer. He then gets angry, and gives them an eviction notice. Ralph Furley then saw Lana and was suddenly "in love", so Furley and the gang made a deal: "Furley gets a date with Lana, and the gang won't have to move."

Per John Ritter in the Three's Company biography Come and Knock on Our Door, the addition of Lana to the cast caused tension between Ritter and the show's writers, as Ritter believed it would be out of character for the sex crazed Jack to inexplicably turn down the advances of a sexually voracious, attractive woman; the writers reasoned that, because Lana was older than Jack, he would be turned off. Ritter didn't believe that the middle-aged Lana-- only meant to be in her forties, whereas Jack was in his late twenties/early thirties-- would repel Jack.

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