Libertad (La Ley)

Libertad, is La Ley's last official album (since "Historias e Histeria" is not considered a compilation). It was inspired primarily by the 9/11 attacks.

The album contains the hits "Mi Ley", "Libertad", and "Y Los Demas."

Album Theme

The album's main theme is based on the 9/11 attacks and its subsequent effects. Beto Cuevas also used different societal factors as themes for the songs. Most of the songs are about the search for liberty (expressing it the songs "Libertad" and "Ámate y Sálvate") while others talk about the world in which we are living today ("Y Los Demás"). Other songs deal with the corruption of politicians ("¿Sabes Quien Eres?") and a little about the world today ("Esa Es La Verdad" and "Mi Ley.")

However, the album also focuses on other songs. Some of the songs talk about never giving up on your goals and the fact that you need help to accomplish them ("Durar Hasta el Final"). The album also talks about different kind of fictional stories, including a suicide ("Más Allá"), a love story between two people separated by distance ("Surazul") and the story of a girl that searches for revenge on her cheaters ("Hotel Malibú"). The album also talks about the preoccupation of the Twin Towers accident, directly ("En Casa"). The album closes with a song expressing the desire for a perfect world ("Mundo Ideal").

Track listing

  1. Ámate y Sálvate (Cuevas, Gatica) - 4:23
  2. Esa Es La Verdad (Cuevas) - 4:29
  3. Libertad (Cuevas) - 4:47
  4. Y Los Demás (Cuevas, P. Frugone, A. Frugone, Clavería) - 3:08
  5. Durar Hasta El Final (Cuevas) - 4:58
  6. Más Allá (Cuevas, Desmond Child) - 4:55
  7. ¿Sabes Quién Eres? (Cuevas, A. Frugone, Clavería) - 4:26
  8. En Casa (Cuevas) - 5:12
  9. Surazul (Cuevas, Rojas) - 5:25
  10. Mi Ley (Cuevas, Lerner) - 4:38
  11. Hotel Malibú (Cuevas) - 4:52
  12. Mundo Ideal (Cuevas, Lerner) - 5:36


  • "Ámate y Sálvate"
  • "Más Allá"
  • "Mi Ley"

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