Kraków Uprising

The Kraków (Cracow) Uprising of February 1846 was an attempt led by Edward Dembowski to incite a Polish fight for national independence. Even though most of Poland was as Congress Poland part of the Russian Empire, the uprisings were mainly conducted by Poles in parts of Prussia (Greater Poland Uprising 1846) and the Austrian Empire.

Most of the uprising was limited to the Free City of Kraków where Jagiellonian University professor of philosophy, Michal Wiszniewski, acted as a one-day chief, and was followed by Rector Jan Tyssowski.

Teofil Wiśniowski, the President of the Uprising Tribunal in the Austrian province of Galizien, led the short lived uprising in Eastern Galicia, where a battle involving Austrian Hussars in Narajów occurred.

The revolts were quickly suppressed by the Austrian army, the Kraków and its surrounding area was subsequently annexed to the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, a province of the Austrian Empire, with its capital at Lemberg (Lwów, Lviv).


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