Hurler (Kings Dominion)

This article is about the roller coaster at Kings Dominion, for the roller coaster of the same name at Carowinds see: Hurler (Carowinds)

Hurler is a wooden roller coaster at Kings Dominion, in Doswell, VA. It is one of two identical roller coasters built by International Coasters Inc. both named Hurler. The other can be found at Carowinds. Both coasters opened in 1994 and are truly exact duplicates. Hurler originally took its theming from the 1992 Paramount motion picture Wayne's World, whose main characters frequently used the word "hurl". The opening of Hurler brought about the creation of an entire area of the park dedicated to the movie, including nearby locations the Rock Shop, and Stan Mikita's diner. Though Paramount sold both parks in 2006, removing the rights to reference Wayne's World, the name was determined generic enough to retain without violating copyright.

The roller coaster was briefly closed at the start of the 2006 season to be re-tracked.

Layout and Theming

Originally, the queue wound underneath the coaster through a "hot set" on location filming scenes from Wayne's World. Upon entering the station building, park guests passed through a full-scale set of the iconic basement hideout of Wayne and Garth. Since removal of the Paramount references, the queue and station building are loosely themed with the remains of the original theming. Movie-making paraphernalia including stage lights, cameras, props and signs are scattered sparsely about. Some of the original props (notably baby doll pieces) were recycled into the Halloween Haunt Maze of Madness.

The overall layout is a standard paperclip arrangement with two out-and-back style runs extending into the courtyard adjacent to Grizzly. The 83-foot first drop leads directly into Hurler's most unique element; an extremely wide, heavily banked turn. The track contains several sudden drops and twisting ascents, which give the rider considerable airtime, but have also earned the coaster a reputation for roughness and discomfort.

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