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Kimberley Joseph (born August 30, 1973) is a Canadian-Australian actress who is based in the United States. Joseph was raised on the Gold Coast in Australia and was educated in Switzerland. She dropped out of Bond University when she was cast in the soap opera Paradise Beach. In Australia she has also appeared in Home and Away and All Saints, and presented Gladiators. In the United Kingdom, she was a main cast member in Cold Feet from 2001 to 2003. From 2004 to 2007 she appeared in a recurring role in the American television series Lost.

Joseph is also a photographer, and has campaigned to expose Soviet nuclear testing in Kazakhstan.

Early life and education

Kimberley Joseph was born on August 30, 1973 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Joe and Wendy Joseph. Joe, a Canadian businessman, met Wendy, an Australian air hostess, while she was in Canada. When Kimberley was three years old, the family moved to Australia's Gold Coast, where she attended St Hilda's School for the next nine years. The family travelled extensively in Europe, and Kimberley attended a private school in Montreux, Switzerland for four years. While there, she learned to speak French and Spanish fluently. When she returned to Australia, she began reading for a degree in arts and commerce at Bond University, though did not complete it.


At the age of 19, Joseph dropped out of university when she got the part of Cassie Barsby in the soap opera Paradise Beach. Like many of the cast she had no formal acting training, though she turned this to her advantage with "exuberance and energy". The short-lived soap was on Australian screens for 15 months before being cancelled but Joseph gained experience and friendships with Raelee Hill, Megan Connolly, and Isla Fisher. In 1995, she began presenting Gladiators, which she described as "tough and scary" on account of the live audience. She appeared for two series and some international specials before taking the role of Joanne Brennan in Home and Away in an effort to get away from presenting. The character, a secretary who dealt drugs to school children, appeared from 1995 to 1996. She left the soap with the possibility of returning to the character, though, as of 2008, she has not. Alongside her role in Home and Away, she appeared in a play with Geoffrey Hughes.

Unitl 1999, she worked as a "jobbing actress", making appearances in Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Sale of the Century and Hey Hey It's Saturday. To "get away from that soap-star/TV presenter image and do some proper acting Joseph moved to the United States to study acting with the Atlantic Theater Company in New York. She then moved to Los Angeles where she spent 18 months living off her savings trying to get auditions. In those 18 months her only jobs were a single commericial and a job interviewing LA-based film actors for Australian television. In 2001 her lawyer informed her that she would have to travel to Sydney to be interviewed for her green card. On the day she was due to fly back to Australia, her agent informed her of an audition for Cold Feet, a British television series whose producer was looking for an Australian actress to become a new main cast member. Two weeks later she had moved to Manchester and was doing read-throughs with the rest of the cast. Her character, Jo Ellison, appeared in all episodes of the fourth and fifth series. Two days after filming the final episode in 2002, Joseph left Britain and returned to Australia, where she was an invited guest at the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

In 2004, she appeared on Australian television for the first time since a regular role in Tales of the South Seas in 1999, playing Dr. Grace Connelly for six episodes on All Saints. The day after she completed filming of her scenes, she returned to Los Angeles for the pilot season. She got a small part as a flight attendant in the pilot episode of Lost. Joseph's scenes, on an airplane set, were filmed over two and a half days in Los Angeles. An early script draft of the pilot called for her character to be seen dead on a beach, though subsequent rewrites removed the scene. A producer liked Joseph and her character, and planned to bring both back to the series at a later date. She returned at the beginning of the second season, when it was revealed that her character, given the name Cindy Chandler, had survived the plane crash in the pilot episode along with other passengers from the tail section of the plane. Despite being asked not to change her appearance too much after the pilot, Joseph had her haircut, so in her first few episodes of the second season, she had to "go through the whole debacle of putting a Rambo scarf around [her] head, which just looked ridiculous." Her episodes for season 2 were filmed over five weeks and were broadcast in 2005. Her character abruptly vanished in the middle of an episode. Joseph reprised the role for two episodes in the third season, in which the whereabouts of her character are revealed.

She has upcoming roles in Frost/Nixon as tennis ace Evonne Goolagong and a minor role in Angels & Demons.

Personal life

As of 2006, Joseph lived in Los Angeles with a blind cocker spaniel that she rescued off the streets. She has been involved in Aid International projects highlighting the effects of Soviet nuclear testing in Semey, Kazakhstan. In 2003 she visited the area with Struan Stevenson, where she photographed victims of radiation poisoning. The photographs were displayed in the Scottish Parliament building in 2004, and published in Struan's book Crying Forever. She returned to the area with Struan in July 2008 and is planning to make a documentary film to attract international attention to the area.


Year Title Role Other notes
1992 Paradise Beach Cassie Barsby Main cast member
1995 Gladiators Presenter
Home and Away Joanne Brennan Recurring role (1995–1996)
1997 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Nemesis 2 episodes ("Two Men and a Baby" [1997] and "Full Circle" [1999])
1998 Tales of the South Seas Clare Devon Recurring role (1998–1999)
1999 Water Rats Mary Worth 1 episode ("Dangerous Encounters")
2001 Cold Feet Jo Ellison Main cast member (2001–2003)
2004 Go Big Sophie Duvet
All Saints Dr. Grace Connelly Recurring role (6 episodes)
Lost Cindy Chandler Recurring role (2004–2007)
2005 Fight Night Tracey
2008 Frost/Nixon Evonne Goolagong
2009 Angels & Demons Australian Reporter


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