Kim Bu-sik

Kim Busik (1075-1151) was an official and a scholar during Korea's Goryeo period. He is best known for compiling the Samguk Sagi, the oldest extant record of Korean history.

Kim was a descendant of Silla royalty, and his great-grandfather submitted to the Goryeo court that replaced Unified Silla, becoming the governor of Gyeongju Province. Kim's father and three brothers were also officials of the Goryeo court.

Although he was a practicing Buddhist, he supported Confucianism over Buddhism as the guiding principle of governance, and favored presenting tributes to the Chinese emperor to prevent a conflict and in deference to the lofty (Sadae).

In 1121 Kim was appointed as Royal Diarist, or ji, to the court of Emperor Yejong. In 1123 Kim, along with two other historians, was charged with preparing Yejong's Veritable Records (Sillok).

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