Ketnet is a public children's television channel in Flanders, owned and operated by the VRT, Flanders' public broadcaster. The station aims to provide an alternative to violent commercial children's programming broadcast on some commercial channels. Amongst kids in Flanders and even in The Netherlands, Ketnet is the most popular kids channel owing partly to its mix of quality locally-produced programming and imported productions. Ketnet broadcasts on the second public channel from 7am until 8pm when VRT's highbrow station Canvas takes over transmission (every weekday or often around noon in the weekend), but is subject to break-ins by sports coverage.


As with VRT's main television station één, Ketnet utilises in-vision continuity announcers. In the case of Ketnet, the announcers also present various programmes for the station and are known as Ketnetwrappers.

Ketnet's staff announcers are:

  • Peter Pype
  • Karolien Debecker
  • Melvin Klooster
  • Kobe Van Herwegen
  • Kristien Maes

Former presenters/announcers

  • Sofie Van Moll
  • Heidi Lenaerts
  • Britt Van Marsenille
  • Jelle Cleymans
  • Tom Gernaey
  • Aron Wade
  • Erika Van Tielen
  • Veerle Deblauwe
  • Staf Coppens
  • An Jordens
  • Ilse Van Hoecke
  • Mark Tijsmans
  • Pieter Steeno
  • Katrien Van Deuren
  • Steven Van Herreweghe
  • Ianka Fleerackers
  • Sven Ornelis
  • Peter Van de Veire
  • Gitte Van Hoyweghen
  • Henk Vermeulen
  • Friedl' Lesage

Ketnet TV programming

These lists are incomplete; current status may rapidly be outdated

Current local (co-)productions


Formerly aired local (co-)productions

Formerly aired imports


On 17 November 2007, Ketnet launched KetnetRadio, an online radio station consisting of a looped 3-hour programme, broadcast for 24 hours. A new programme is produced and broadcast every day. KetnetRadio is presented by Ketnet presenter and continuity announcer Kristien Maes. Listeners can tune in on Ketnet's website.

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