Kenneth Atchley

Kenneth Atchley (born 1954) is an American composer, noise artist and reclusive member of the San Francisco Bay Area electronic music community.

He uses temporary fountains along with laptop and analog electronic instruments to create sound works ranging from pure-tone and noise laptop hymns and electronic chorales to distortion-studded, richly harmonic devotionals, installations, and assisted-performances.

In late 2006 he composed a set of works for strings. The pieces, collectively titled 7 stillness, exploit a range of avant-garde of harmonic progressions with emphasis on passages in which a given harmony is held long enough that its value within a progression disappears.

In 2007, really off the yards and pursuing in-house performance of 'turtle' to be rendered to audio disc in 2008 and beginning transcription of "7 stillnesses" from audio tracks to manuscript score.

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  • fountains (2002)

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