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Kenema District

Kenema District is a district in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. Its capital and largest city is Kenema, which is also the capital of the Eastern Province and the third largest city in Sierra Leone. The district occupies a total of area of 6,053 km² and comprises sixteen chiefdoms. With a population of 515,461 , Kenema District is the third most populated district in the country, after the Western Area Urban District and Bo District.

The District of Kenema borders Bo District to the west, the Republic of Liberia to the south, Tonkolili District and Kono District to the north, Kailahun District to the southwest, and Pujehun District to the southeast.

Demographics of Kenema District

The estimated population of Kenema District was 515,461 Kenema District population is ethnically divers, although the Mende people make up the largest ethnic group at about 60% of the population, followed by the Temne at about 15% and 25% from other ethnic groups. The district of Kenema enjoys religious plurality - Muslim and Christians. Since the emergence of the of the Second Liberian Civil War in 1999, Kenema District along with Bo District served more than 60,000 Liberian refugees


Kenema has a mixed economy, made up of gold and diamond mining as well as agricultural production of coffee, cacao and rice.


Kenema is home to Sierra Leonean Premier League club the Kamboi Eagles. The club won the Sierra Leonean FA Cup in 1981, and 1985.


Kenema District currently has nine Representatives in the Parliament of Sierra Leone, of which eight members were elected to a 5- year term. Kenema District is a stronghold of the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party. The district is a stronghold of the manin opposition the Sierra Leone Peopl's Party (SLPP).

Name Party
Bernadette Lahai SLPP
Dominic Kenie Sandy SLPP
Brima Mourie Ganya SLPP
Bintu Minah SLPP
Mohamed Bockarie SLPP
Andrew Lungay SLPP
Phrancis Bobor Momoh SLPP
Musa Conteh SLPP
P.C. Mamie G. Gamanga Non

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