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Kaupang is a town founded in the 780s during the time when the Vikings started to launch their raids against Britain and other parts of Europe until it was abandoned for unknown reasons in the early 10th Century. It was situated in Vestfold county in Norway, and in the 800s was the largest trading town.

The first excavations of the area was done in 1867 by Nicolay Nicolaysen. Most archaeologists believe it was the first urban settlement of some significance in Norway. Excavations and studies have found that Kaupang was a handcraft and commercial center, with around 1,000 inhabitants. Commodities traded included iron, soapstone and perhaps fish.

Kaupang is mentioned under the name of Skiringssal (or Sciringesheal) in Ohthere from Hålogaland's tales. Ohthere visited Kaupang in the 9th century, and said that it served as a market.

In the summer of 2000, the University of Oslo began an extensive new excavation program at Kaupang. The leader of this new excavation process was Professor Dagfinn Skre.


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