Kaiyodo is a Japanese company dedicated to figurines and Garage kits. While they mostly do anime related characters, more recently other creations have been made, eg. King Kong,

Kaiyodo was originally a small shop in Japan, but grew into a famous company over the years (Otaku no video, the anime, had a similar story), they now sell figurines worldwide from various non anime sources too.

One of their sculptors is known as the artist called Bome, who is famous for his Monsieur Bome collection. In recent years, his figurines have become well known and sought for by collectors. He has displayed his works of art on a worldwide scale, including Paris, Tokyo, ....

In May 2006 Kaiyodo launched the Revoltech line of highly poseable action figures, releasing 2 new figures each month after that, totaling 51 by May 2008.

Price range for figurines:

Most figurines range from 1000yen to 4000 yen (10 to 40 us dollar), but there are some more expensive 'garage kits' available from them. These kits are more expensive, which could cost a few hundred dollars. Garage kits are usually unpainted figurines that normally require assembly.

Price range for the Monsieur Bome collection

Some of his earlier works may cost four times the original price, and this also includes the anime convention exclusives. Most of his figurines remain in a very affordable price range, US $15 to $25 .

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