KTUU-TV, which brands itself as "Channel 2" on-air, is an NBC affiliate serving Anchorage, Alaska. The station is owned by Schurz Communications of South Bend, Indiana.

The station is broadcast over the air on analog channel 2 and digital channel 10; on local cable system, GCI on standard cable channel 2 and high-definition cable channel 652. KTUU is also available on DIRECTV and DISH Network for the Anchorage television market.

Its over-the-air transmitter is located in Knik, Alaska.


KTUU is one of Alaska's first two TV stations to sign on in the state (KTVA is the other), signing on in 1953 as KFIA, and was the first station in Alaska to broadcast in color in 1966. It became KENI-TV in 1955, and then KTUU in 1981. The station had dual affiliation with NBC and ABC until October 1,1967 when it switched to ABC primary and NBC secondary, primarily because ABC had more programs on film. Channel 2 became a full-time ABC affiliate in 1970 when KHAR (now KIMO) took the NBC affiliation. The 2 stations switched networks in October, 1971, at which time KHAR became KIMO.

KTUU has been the dominant source of television news for the Anchorage, AK market for decades. The Channel 2 News team routinely wins regional and national awards. The National Press Photographers Association named KTUU Station of the Year in both 2006 and 2008.

Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin once was a sports anchor for KTUU.

News/Station Presentation

Newscast Titles

  • KENI-TV News (1955-1964)
  • TV-2 News (1975-1981)
  • Newservice 2 (1981-1986)
  • Channel 2 News (1986-present)

Station Slogans

  • Alaska's 24 Hour News Channel (1990-1995)
  • Alaska's News Source (2002-present)

Digital television

The station's digital channel has both High Definition and Standard Definition programming feeds: Digital channels
Channel Programming
2.1 / 10.1 KTUU-HD
2.2 / 10.2 KTUU-SD


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