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Julia Ecklar

Julia Ecklar is a John W. Campbell-award winning science fiction author and a singer and writer of filk music who recorded numerous albums in the Off Centaur label in the early 1980s, including Minus Ten and Counting, Horse-Tamer's Daughter, and Genesis. Her Divine Intervention album released in 1986 was the first filk release to combine the lyrical elements of filk music with orchestral and rock arrangements. She has also written a number of science-fiction books under the pseudonym L.A. Graf (with partner Karen Rose Cercone). L.A. Graf reportedly stands for Let's All Get Rich and Famous.

Julia is recording a new album slated for release in 2009, tentatively titled "Indistinguishable from Magic", produced by Michael Moricz.



Short Fiction

  • The Music Box (Analog, Sep 1989)
  • Extra Ellies (Analog, May 1990)
  • Burning Bridges (Analog, Nov 1990)
  • A Sweet Disorder (Analog, Sep 1991)
  • Ice Nights (Analog, Oct 1992)
  • Blood Relations (Analog, June 1992)
  • Promised Lives (Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep 1993)
  • Tide of Stars (Analog, Jan 1995)
  • The Human Animal (Analog, Apr 1995)
  • Thylacine Dream (1996 in Otherwere: Stories of Transformation)



Pegasus Awards

  • Best Female Filker 1984
  • Best Performer 1987
  • Best Writer/Composer 1990
  • Best Literature Song 1990: Daddy's Little Girl
  • Best War/Vengeance Song 1991: Temper of Revenge
  • Best Filk Song 1992: God Lives on Terra
  • (with Susan Cooper) Best Sorcery Song 1997: The Dark is Rising
  • Best Classic Filk Song 2004: Ladyhawke!

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