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Josie Long

Josie Long (born April 17, 1982) is a British comedian. In 2006 she won the If.comeddies Best Newcomer award at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Long spent her early life in Orpington, South East London, where she attended Newstead Wood School for Girls in Swift House. She began performing stand-up comedy at 14, winning the BBC New Comedy Awards at the age of 17. At 18 she gave up stand-up whilst she read English Language and Literature (BA (Hons)) at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, though she ran experimental comedy clubs while at university.


At 21, after graduating from Oxford, she returned to live stand-up, supporting Stewart Lee on his Spring 2005 tour.

She has contributed sketches and one-liners to BBC Radio One's 2004/05 comedy show, The Milk Run. One edition of the show was entirely given over to a script she co-wrote with her friend Dan Harkin, entitled The Adventures Of Marco Polo.

In 2005 she began publishing a fanzine, Drawing Moustaches In Magazines Monthly Magazine (Bi-Monthly), which is distributed for free, and has featured contributions from Robin Ince, Kevin Eldon and Stewart Lee, as well as Danielle Ward and Isy Suttie.

She appeared in the show An Audience With Dan Nightingale & Josie Long with Mancunian comic Dan Nightingale, at the Café Royal, at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Along with fellow comics Hils Barker, Steve Hall and James Sherwood, she founded the All-Singing, All-Dancing Competitive News Bonanza, a live topical panel show that ran at the Red Lion pub in Soho, London in 2004/05, and at The Arts Theatre Club in Soho in 2006. In 2006 she also launched her own monthly comedy clubs, The Sunday Night Adventure Club, at the ABC Café in Crystal Palace, London and The OK Club at the Boogaloo pub in Highgate, North London.

She also appeared regularly in Robin Ince's podcast Show & Tell, and co-hosted the Resonance FM show I, DJ with Danielle Ward and Isy Suttie.

Long has written for the Channel Four teen comedy-drama series Skins. She has also appeared in an online webisode and episodes five and ten of the second series of the show, in which she plays a college careers advisor.

She has also been involved in BBC Switch, on a weekly mini-feature called "Josie Long's Confuse the Teacher Feature", where a word is read out by Long for young people listening to the show to include in their homework, which was formed after her suggestion of the idea during an interview on the show with Annie Mac.

Her act often involves drawing a sea scene on her arms and stomach.

Long has a love of applique and the V&A, and live Boggle contests sometimes form a part of her performances. On 9 october 2008 she appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks for the 2nd episode of the 22nd series


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