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Josephine Foster

Josephine Foster is an American modern folk singer-songwriter and musician from Colorado. A self-described "opera school dropout," Foster is one of the front-runners of the New Weird America movement, and is often associated with acts such as Marissa Nadler, Jana Hunter, Born Heller and Espers. In 2004 with her band The Supposed she released an album of psychedelic rock as 'Josephine Foster and the Supposed' called 'All the Leaves Are Gone' which has drawn comparison to Jefferson Airplane Her second album 'Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You', initially conceived as a record for children, featured a unique sound that resembled folk songs from the 1920s - 1960s, combined with the experimental use of various music instruments. Her third album 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' is made up of German art-songs. Her fourth album 'This Coming Gladness' was released in 2008.



Josephine Foster and the Supposed

Born Heller

  • 2004: Born Heller

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