Jonas Snäckmark

Jonas "Snäckan" Snäckmark (born January 27,1986 in Halmstad, Halland County, Sweden) is a Swedish metal-singer who stood out as one of the eleven finalists in Idol 2006 - the Swedish version of Idol.

Idol 2006 Performances


  • Snäckmark said that he had not watched a single episode of Idol previously and thinks that the whole TV-show is against his principle as a metalhead. The reason that Snäckmark still applied for Idol was due to the fact that he had made a bet with his friends concerning it and lost.
  • Due to his choice of clothing (a kilt) during the 1st round final (29th April), Snäckmark was nicknamed "Braveheart" by jury member Peter Swartling.


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