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John Charles "Johnny" Goudie (born October 14, 1968 in Miami, Florida, U.S.) is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental musician, record producer and actor based in Austin, Texas.

Early Life and Music Career

Born in the Miami, Florida area, Goudie comes from a family of Cuban medical doctors. At age 13 after attending a Cheap Trick concert, Johnny started his first band and decided to pursue a career in music. His family was supportive (his father had also been a singer in a band), and in the mid 1980s Johnny moved to The Woodlands area of Houston, Texas where he started out in a funk/soul band called Panjadrum . Shortly after recording an EP, Panjadrum broke up in 1990, and Johnny joined another band called Lovetree as well as pursuing a side career as a solo artist..

By 1994 Johnny had left Lovetree and moved to Austin, Texas where he joined the rock band Mr. Rocket Baby on lead vocals and guitar. Mr. Rocket Baby became a local hit, toured regionally, and released one album, Make Believe, before parting ways. Over the next few years Johnny played gigs around Texas as a power trio with bassist Einar Pedersen and a drummer Kyle Schneider. The trio independently recorded an album Fantastic in 1996. In 1997 Johnny played on the album 4-Track Mind with the band Jez Spencer, an early incarnation of Spencer Gibb's band which would become 54 Seconds. He also co-wrote the song Stuck in a Hole which ended up on Darin Murphy's 1998 album Solitarium as well as co-writing with Mark Addison the song Sun Earth Moon which appears on The Borrowers sophomore album Overcoming Gravity. In late 1997 Johnny was again working on his own material and decided to put a new band together.

Goudie 1997-2002

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In the Spring of 1998 Johnny's new band played the South by Southwest festival in Austin, and happened to catch the attention of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich who was looking to sign bands to his new record label The Music Company, a subsidiary of Elektra Records. Johnny's band was the second band signed to the label.

The band had a major label contract, but still did not have a name. They decided to simply call themselves Goudie. In July 2000 Goudie released their first album, Peep Show to critical acclaim. The band set out on a year-long tour supporting the album, touring with such acts as Blur, Veruca Salt, Agent Orange, Supergrass, Alejandro Escovedo, Davíd Garza, Julianna Hatfield, and Unified Theory.

In June 2001 the band left Elektra and joined forces with friends at independent Austin label India Records, which released the band’s critically acclaimed second album ...Effects of Madness in March 2002. However later that year, the band split up.

Post-Goudie Career

After the breakup of his band, Johnny returned to his biggest passion: writing and recording songs in his home studio. He independently released an album of self-recorded demos entitled 18 Unreleased Home Demos 1996-2001 as well as a Christmas album Johnny Says Ho which was released only to his fan club. The popularity of these releases led to a series of other demo collections entitled I Think I'm a Genius, Helloprah and The Loyalist; the latter of which conisted entirely of covers. He appeared on Eliza Gilkyson's 2002 album Lost and Found as well as Jeff Klein's 2003 album Everybody Loves a Winner. During this time, he continued to perform in several bands, including God Drives a Galaxy, Lowery 66 and Ennui the Fawn. He continued to write his own material and in the summer of 2003 he released a solo album entitled I Love Elke on Strangelove Records, a label dedicated to artists making records on their own terms. He joined the popular Austin band Endochine for their Day Two tour and was voted best keyboard player in the 2004 Austin Chronicle music awards.

Johnny also took to the role of record producer, producing albums for scores of local bands and musicians. In 2004 Johnny produced Canvas's third album Painting The Roses. On the subsequent tour for Painting the Roses, Johnny played as opening act with Canvas as his backing band, and then played keyboard with Canvas during their headlining set. Goudie also played several acoustic shows with Canvas frontman Joseph King and was briefly a member of King's post-Canvas band which became Deadbeat Darling.

Later in 2004 Johnny played on Pale's album Here in addition to completing his second solo album Boy in a Box, which was the debut release of F+M Records. The album again won him critical praise and is regarded as his strongest work to date. The tracks Back of a Magazine and Everyone Remembers (When You're Cool) from Boy in a Box also found their way onto the soundtrack of the 2006 short film Surf Gang. 2006 also saw the release of Johnny's acoustic album All You Can't Undo, which he supported with an unplugged solo tour. In 2007 Johnny joined long-time friend Ian Moore's band on a nation-wide tour, playing guitar and keyboard. Johnny also plays in the 70s-80s cover band SKYROCKET! which he formed with Trish Murphy, Darin Murphy, Paul English, Benjamin Hotchkiss, Kyle Crusham, and Mike Belile. SKYROCKET! was voted best cover band in the 2006 Austin Chronicle Music Awards and also won the Critic's Choice Award. In addition to being a member of The Ian Moore Band and SKYROCKET!, Johnny still plays live shows as a solo artist, and has assembled a super group, Johnny Goudie and the Little Champions which includes Brad Byrum and Scott Thomas of Canvas and Ryan Holley of (a+)machines. The band plans to release their debut album El Payaso in 2009.

Selected Discography

Year Group Title Label
1990 Panjadrum Panjadrum EP
1994 Mr. Rocket Baby Make Believe Crystal Clear
1994 Mr. Rocket Baby Homegroan Volume 1 KROX
1994 Mr. Rocket Baby Local Licks Live '94 KLBJ
1994 Mr. Rocket Baby Tales from the Edge Volume Nine & Ten KDGE
1996 Johnny Goudie Trio Fantastic
Johnny Goudie I Think I'm a Genius
Johnny Goudie The Loyalist
Johnny Goudie Helloprah
1997 Johnny Goudie Trio Rotating Parts: A Propeller Collection Propeller Records
1997 Jez Spencer 4-Track Mind
1998 Johnny Goudie Trio Do Me Baby! - Austin Does Prince
2000 Goudie Peep Show TMC/Electra
2000 Goudie ASCAP's EAR Volume 3 ASCAP
2001 Johnny Goudie Johnny Says Ho
2002 Goudie Effects of Madness India
2002 Johnny Goudie 18 Unreleased Home Demos 1996-2001
2003 Johnny Goudie I Love Elke Strangelove
2003 Canvas Four Days Awake Desert Tide
2003 Daniel Kang I Wish I could See You
2002 Eliza Gilkyson Lost and Found Red House Records
2003 Jeff Klein Everybody Loves a Winner
2004 God Drives a Galaxy Pale Blue Dot
2004 Colin Gilmore The Day the World Stopped
2004 Pale Here
2005 Johnny Goudie Boy in a Box F+M
2006 Johnny Goudie All You Can't Undo
2006 Johnny Goudie Surf Gang Soundtrack
2008 Johnny Goudie and the Little Champions El Payaso Seachange Records

Selected Filmography

Year Title Role
1999 A Slipping-Down Life Jesse
2007 A Very Bad Day Officer Shumanski

Television Roles

year Title Role
2000 Going to California Band Member (with Jerry O'Connell)


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