John Thompson Hoffman

John Thompson Hoffman (10 January 1828 24 March 1888) was born in Ossining in Westchester County, New York. He was governor of New York (1869 -1872). He was also a judge (elected 1860) and Mayor of New York (1866 - 1868). Connections to the Tweed Ring ruined his political career, in spite of the absence of evidence to show personal involvement in corrupt activities.

Early life

His father, Adrian Kissam Hoffman, was a physician in Westchester County. His father's parents, Philip L. Hoffman and Helena Kissam, were "among the most valuable members of early society in New York, and the founders of many public charities and benevolent works," Harper's Weekly effused.

He attended Union College starting in 1843 in the junior class, but had to leave for a time due to ill health, eventually graduating in 1846. He then studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1849 and set up shop in Manhattan.

High hopes of reformers

When he was elected mayor in 1865, reformers had high hopes for him. A front-page article in Harper's Weekly intoned:
It is many years since the city of New York has chosen for her Chief Magistrate a man of the position and reputation of John T. Hoffman. He is not only a gentleman of high social position, but a lawyer of distinction, a judge of eminent probity, a representative by descent of some of the oldest New York families, a citizen of unblemished reputation ...


Hoffman died at Wiesbaden, Germany on 24 March 1888, aged 60. He was buried at Dale Cemetery in Ossining.



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