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John Kennall

Dr John Kennall, LL.D. (John Kenold) (1511 - 1592) was Archdeacon of Oxford and a noted plurist.

Canon of 8th preb., Christ Church, Oxford, from 1559-1592, Archdeacon of Oxford, Oxford, from 1561-1592, Canon of 6th preb., Rochester, from 1556-1559, and Archdeacon of Rochester, 1554 -1560

He was for a time Vicar at St Columb Major in Cornwall and had a strong interest in the use of the Cornish language. Carew, who published his survey of Cornwall in 1602, notices the almost total extirpation of the Cornish language in his days. He says ; The principal love and knowledge of this language liveth in Dr. Kennall, the civilian, and with him lieth buried;

The link between the Cornish language and Catholicism was also exhibited in the activities of Kennall, at St Columb where he was still holding Mass as late as 1590).

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