John Ingram McMorran

John Ingram McMorran (June 19, 1889February 24, 2003) was an American supercentenarian and is one of the recognized oldest people in the world, living to the age of 113 years and 250 days. He was born in Goodland Township, Michigan, the oldest child of George McMorran (born October 15, 1859) and Lydia Ingram. Ingram McMorran was the cousin of Representative Henry Gordon McMorran (1844-1929). In his youth, a fortuneteller predicted McMorran would live to age 111, but this seemingly outlandish forecast proved conservative, as barely one in six people who reach 111 live as long as McMorran finally did. At the time of his death in 2003, his grandson, Bob McMorran, was a grandfather himself, to the then five-year-old Logan Saxton. McMorran smoked, drank, and ate greasy food.

After retiring to Florida, he became the oldest documented man in the United States in 2001. He lived at the Tandem Healthcare nursing home in Lakeland, Florida until his death.

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