John Addey (astrologer)

John Addey (June 15, 1920 - March 27 1982) an English Astrologer born Barnsley, died in London.

Addey made a continuous and significant contribution to British astrology. He worked as a teacher to the physically disabled, was himself crippled from youth by an incurable rheumatism and used a wheelchair.

His interest in astrology drew him to C.E.O. Carter's Astrological Lodge in London in 1946. He studied for his F.A.S. diploma, then in 1955 started research alone into the hierarchical construction of astrology we now call, as he did, Harmonic Astrology. He published 'Harmonics in Astrology' (in print 2004), and later 'Collected Writings', a little light-hearted, free-ranging book of reflections on astrological working.

Together with Charles Harvey, he founded the UK Astrological Association, now perhaps a cornerstone of British astrology.

John Addey's condition was called ankylosing spondylitis and he never used a wheelchair.


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