Joby Baker

Joby Baker (born 1935) is a Canadian born actor and painter.

He was born in Montreal, Quebec. In the early 1960s he began making guest appearances in TV series such as Dr. Kildare and The Dick Van Dyke Show. He also appeared in the Elvis Presley movie Girl Happy (1966), and began a long association with Walt Disney Studios, where he appeared in Bullwhip Griffin (1966), Blackbeard's Ghost (1967) and Superdad (1974). In 1968, he had a lead role in Good Morning World, a sitcom about a pair of disc jockeys named Lewis and Clark. This was followed by a succession of character roles, including a stint as Colonel Marvin on the 1980 sitcom Six O'Clock Follies.

He has also exhibited as an abstract painter in major Los Angeles art galleries. Since 1984 he has been married to the lyricist and songwriter Dory Previn, and illustrated The Dory Previn Songbook, published in 1995.


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