Jim Diamond (Scottish musician)

Jim Diamond (born September 28 1953, in Glasgow) is a Scottish singer-songwriter.


Diamond is best known for his three Top 5 hits - "I Won't Let You Down" (1982) as the lead singer in the trio Ph.D., with Tony Hymas and Simon Phillips; his solo performance, "I Should Have Known Better". The latter song was a United Kingdom number one in 1984. And of course the theme song from Boon, "Hi Ho Silver" which reached Number 5 in the UK charts in 1986. His voice has often been used for other people's songs, especially charity songs such as "Sailing" with Rock Against Repatriation, "You'll Never Walk Alone" with The Crowd and "Let It Be" with Ferry Aid.

Over the past thirty years he has gone from lead singer of his own bands, to solo studio artist, to live performer and even writing for other artists.

Early years

He started his music career at the young age of 15 with his own band 'The Method'. This was discovered through a recent interview with Jim Diamond on Chatshow.net Jim, at age 16, also fronted a Glasgow band called "The Jade. That lineup included bassist Chris Glen who went on to play with "The Sensational Alex Harvey Band". "The Jade" made at least one trip to London. playing a gig at Brunel University in 1969.

He later toured Europe with another band Gully Foyle. Rare recordings of his performances with Gully Foyle were recently discovered on the Internet.

Jim would soon be discovered by Alexis Korner, The Godfather of British Blues. Jim spent the next couple of years as part of Korner's band. He provided additional and backing vocals on many of Korner's songs. Most of which would appear on The Lost Album. One of Korner's finest works.

In 1976 he left Korner to form Bandit. The line-up included AC/DC band member Cliff Williams. They were soon signed up by Arista Records and released their self titled début album Bandit. They failed to reach the charts due to the punk music scene at the time.

In 1979 Jim Diamond was lead vocalist for a Japanese band called BACCO. The debut album was 'Cha Cha Me', which has gone on to become an extremely rare find.

Diamond ventured to L.A. to form Slick Diamond with Earl Slick. He spent some time touring and recording and even provided music for a movie soundtrack.

Big break

1982 would be Diamond's big break in to the public eye when he formed Ph.D (Phillips, Hymas and Diamond), with pianist/keyboard player Tony Hymas and drummer Simon Phillips. They were signed by WEA Records and hit the big time with the multi-million selling "I Won't Let You Down". The song went on to become a classic in its own right and is still played regularly on radio stations around the world.

Diamond contracted hepatitis and the band later decided to part ways. But Diamond's run of success was not over yet. In 1984, he decided to go solo and was signed to A&M Records. He hit the big time yet again with his #1 hit "I Should Have Known Better". He scored another hit soon after with the theme song from Boon, "Hi Ho Silver". It reached Number 5 in the charts in May of 1986. A little known fact, is that Diamond did not actually write the song especially for Boon, but he in fact wrote it in memory of his late father, who passed away the previous year.

Diamond is also known for some guest vocals on two Genesis band members solo outings including;

Recent years

In recent years, Diamond has teamed up with Sax Virtuoso, Chris "Snake" Davis, who is known for his work with Soul outfit M People as well as others. The pair were known as The Blue Shoes - The Smallest Soul Band In The World. In recent times they have been performing as 'Jim Diamond & Snake Davis'.

In 2005, Jim Diamond released his first studio recorded album in 11 years. Souled and Healed also gave Diamond a new single "When You Turn". A second single followed soon after entitled "Blue Shoes".

It was recently revealed that Diamond has reunited with Hymas and Phillips and recorded a new Ph.D album to be released in the Autumn of 2008.

Chip off the old block

Jim's son Lawrence has followed in his father's footsteps and is the bassist with UK rock group 'Official Secrets Act'. The band signed a record deal in 2008 and are showing great promise.



Year Album
1985 Double Crossed (A&M)
1986 Desire for Freedom (A&M)
1988 Jim Diamond (Teldec)
1993 Jim Diamond (Polydor)
1994 Sugarolly Days (Righteous/Total/River)
2001 The Best of Jim Diamond (Spectrum)
2005 Souled and Healed (Hypertension)

Singles (Solo)

Year Title B-Side/Bonus tracks Album Chart Position Label
1976 "Clean Up the City" Back On the Line Bradley
1984 "I Should Have Known Better" Impossible Dream Double Crossed #1 A&M
1985 "I Sleep Alone at Night" Caledonia Double Crossed #42 A&M
1985 "Remember I Love You" Rock 'n' Roll Double Crossed #72 A&M
1986 "Hi Ho Silver" Hi Ho Silver (Instrumental) Desire For Freedom #5 A&M
1986 "Young Love (Carry Me Away)" Blue Songs Desire For Freedom A&M
1986 "Desire" Together Desire For Freedom A&M
1986 "So Strong" You'll Go Crazy Desire For Freedom A&M
1987 "Shout It out!" The Message of Childwatch TML
1988 "Broadway" Second Chance Jim Diamond (1988) Teldec
1988 "The Last Time" Miracles Jim Diamond (1988) Teldec
1993 "Not Man Enough" Child's Heart/If You're Gonna Break My Heart Jim Diamond (1993) Polydor
1994 "Sugarolly Mountains" Sugarolly Days Righteous/Total
1994 "Caledonia (Heartland)" Sugarolly Days Righteous/Total
2005 "When You Turn" When You Turn (Album version)/Rhythm of the Radio Souled and Heled Hypertension
2006 "Blue Shoes" I Won't Let You Down (Live)/Blue Shoes (Live)/My Girl (Live)/ I Should Have Known Better (Live)/Wonderful World (Live) Souled and Healed Hypertension

Music Videos (Solo)

Song Released
"I Should Have Known Better" 1984
"I Sleep Alone At Night" 1985
"Remember I Love You" 1985
"Young Love (Carry Me Away)" 1986
"Broadway" 1988

Music Videos (With Ph.D)

Song Released
"I Won't Let You Down" 1982
"Little Susie's On the Up" 1983

Other recordings featuring Jim Diamond

Year Album
1977 "Ohio" (with Bandit) (Arista Records)
1979 "Cha Cha Me (Album with Japanese band 'BACCO'.)
1981 "I Won't Let You Down" (with Ph.D) (WEA Records)
1983 "I Didn't Know" (with Ph.D) (WEA Records)
1985 "You'll Never Walk Alone" (with Crowd)
1987 "Let It Be" (with Ferry Aid)
1990 "Sailing" (with Rock Against Repatriation)

Television Appearances

Year TV Show
1977 "Supersonic" (Performing 'Ohio' with Bandit)
1982-86 "Top of the Pops" (Performing "I Won't Let You Down" with Ph.D. (1982), "I Should Have Known Better" (1984), "Hi Ho Silver" (1986))
1985 "The Keith Harris Show"
1994 "Pebble Mill" (Performing "I Should Have Known Better", "Skye Boat Song")
2001 "Stars in Their Eyes" (Guest appearance to congratulate contestant.)

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