Jewelz is the second album by D.I.T.C. member O.C.. Unlike his debut, 1994's Word...Life, Jewelz features a wider number of guest producers and rappers. Legendary producer DJ Premier lends his hand on four songs, other producers include D.I.T.C. members Buckwild (who produced the majority of his debut), Showbiz and Lord Finesse, as well as Da Beatminerz and O.Gee who did the song "Can't Go Wrong" with a vocal sample of the late Kenny Greene of the group Intro, and featured on the single Changing Faces.

This album, like his first, received strong reviews, but lacked in sales. He made his first appearance on the Billboard 200 album chart with the album, and also, his first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, with the single "Far From Yours".

Track listing

# Title Songwriters Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "Intro" *Interlude*
2 "My World" O. Credle, C. Martin DJ Premier O.C.
3 "War Games" O. Credle, C. Martin DJ Premier O.C., Organized Konfusion
4 "Can't Go Wrong" O. Credle, G. Scott DJ Ogee/O.Gee O.C.
5 "The Chosen One" O. Credle, A. Best Buckwild O.C.
6 "Dangerous" O. Credle, W. Dewgarde,
L. Coleman, R. Lapread
Da Beatminerz O.C., Big L
7 "Win The G" O. Credle, C. Martin,
J. Campbell
DJ Premier O.C., Bumpy Knuckles
8 "Far From Yours" O. Credle, A. Best,
M. Bryant, G. Johnson,
L. Johnson, E. Barrier,
W. Griffin
Buckwild O.C., Yvette Michele
9 "Stronjay" O. Credle, W. Dewgarde Da Beatminerz O.C.
10 "M.U.G." O. Credle, C. Martin,
J. Campbell
DJ Premier O.C., Freddie Foxxx
11 "The Crow" O. Credle, R. Lemay Showbiz O.C.
12 "You & Yours" O. Credle, G. Scott DJ Ogee/O.Gee O.C.
13 "Hypocrite" O. Credle, A. Best,
W. Garfield, C. Clay
Buckwild O.C.
14 "It's Only Right" O. Credle, W. Dewgarde,
C. Ward
Da Beatminerz O.C.
15 "Jewelz" O. Credle, R. Hall Lord Finesse O.C.

Album singles

Single information
"Far From Yours"

"Can't Go Wrong"

Samples Used

  • "My World"
    • "Killer's Lullaby" by Love Unlimited Orchestra
  • "Can't Go Wrong"
  • "Dangerous"
    • "Daisy Lady" by 7th Wonder
  • "Far From Yours"
  • "You and Yours"
  • "Hypocrite"
  • "Jewelz"
    • "Changing Face" by J. J. Band

Album Chart Positions

Year Album Chart positions
Billboard 200 Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums
1997 Jewelz #90 #16

Singles Chart Positions

Year Song Chart positions
Billboard Hot 100 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks Hot Rap Singles Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales
1997 "Far From Yours" #81 #43 #12 #23
"My World" - - - #15
1998 "Can't Go Wrong" - #90 - -

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