Jetix is a children's television programming brand owned by The Walt Disney Company. The Jetix brand is used for blocks and channels featuring action-related live-action and animated programming.

Organization and ownership

United States

The brand broadcasts in the United States as a block of programming on the Toon Disney television channel.

On September 1, 2006, ABC Family dropped the Jetix block, which continued to air on its exclusive home, Toon Disney.

In February 2009, with Toon Disney being replaced by Disney XD (a new channel similar in scope to Jetix), the Jetix brand will no longer be used in the United States.

United Kingdom & Ireland

In United Kingdom and Ireland, The channel was launched in October 19 1996 as Fox Kids and it became Jetix on 1st January, 2005 at midnight. Most Jetix channels are basic cable or satellite pay channels. Jetix is also available as a timeshift hour-delay channel named Jetix+1. The UK and Ireland channel is carried on Sky Digital, Virgin Media, Tiscali TV and Chorus.

Europe, Latin America

See also :Jetix around the world for the European channels
In Europe and Latin America, the brand broadcasts as television channels in their own right, owned by subsidiary companies Jetix Europe based in Netherlands Hilversum and Jetix Latin America. These channels are branded as Jetix. All previous Fox Kids channels were rebranded to Jetix by January 2005. The European subsidiary, Jetix Europe NV, is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. However only 26% of the shares in free float, as Disney owns the remainder. The Latin American company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Disney.


In Canada, "Family", a long-time partner of Disney Channel's programming owned by Astral Media, began their own Jetix block on September 10, 2006, replacing the "Power Box" block. The original Canadian Jetix block included Get Ed, Oban Star Racers, W.I.T.C.H. and Power Rangers Mystic Force. Jetix airs from 6:03AM ET through 7:45AM ET on weekend mornings.

Shows aired on Jetix


In the UK, Future Publishing publishes the official Jetix Magazine. Published every four weeks the magazine features puzzles and features based on the channel's characters plus a six page Power Rangers comic. The magazine also comes with a free DVD featuring shows from the channel.

In other countries, including Bulgaria and Romania, similar Jetix magazines are also produced.

Monster Truck

In 2007 the Monster Jam monster truck series had a truck with the Jetix name and some characters on it. The truck was driven by Dan Evans, who normally drivers The Destroyer, and toured in the Monster Jam European tour until December. The truck has not been seen since then.

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