Jesse (TV series)

Jesse is a sitcom which ran on NBC from 1998 to 2000. The show was created by Ira Ungerleider.

The show starred Christina Applegate as a single mother named Jesse Warner, raising her nine-year-old son in the big city. She worked for her father in a German-themed bar in Buffalo, New York, serving beer while wearing a dirndl. Jesse's love interest, a Chilean named Diego (Bruno Campos), gained a rival when her ex-husband came to town, intent on winning her back.

In the second season, Jesse became a nurse, and stories revolved around her friends instead of her family.

While Jesse was in the top 20 in the Nielsen ratings regularly, the show lost much ground from Friends, its powerful lead-in. As a result, NBC decided to cancel the show after its second season. A total of 42 episodes were produced.


Actor Role
Christina Applegate Jesse Warner
Bruno Campos Diego Vasquez
Eric Lloyd "Little John" Warner
Liza Snyder Linda
Jennifer Milmore Carrie
John Lehr John Warner, Jr. (Season One only)
David DeLuise Darren Warner (Season One only)
George Dzundza John Warner, Sr. (Season One only)
Darryl Theirse Kurt Bemis (Season Two only)
Kevin Rahm Dr. Danny Kozak (Season Two only)

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