Jeremy Enigk

Jeremy Enigk (born July 16, 1974) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist known for being the front man of the Seattle band Sunny Day Real Estate.


Enigk's biggest claim to fame is his involvement with emo rock band Sunny Day Real Estate, who released five albums from 1994 to 2000, in which he served as lead singer, co-songwriter and guitarist. During that band's first break-up (spanning 1995-97), Enigk released the 1996 solo album, Return of the Frog Queen. Enigk's religious convictions (he became a devout Christian in the mid-1990s) were rumored to have been the catalyst for SDRE's breakup(s). He has more recently fronted the band The Fire Theft, whose lineup and sound is very similar to that of SDRE.

Enigk was part of what would eventually become Poor Old Lu, sharing vocalist duties with Scott Hunter. Enigk rejoined the band for a single track in 1996, singing alongside Scott on the band's Straight Six EP, on the track, "Digging Deep."

Enigk sang on the song "Luchuck" on the 1998 album Can't Cure The Nailbiters by Bare Minimum. He was featured on MewithoutYou's 2006 release, Brother, Sister, performing vocals on "O, Porcupine" and "The Dryness And The Rain." Enigk has also done vocal work on the CD Does Anyone Else Miss The Cold War by the Seattle band, Sea.Mine. He scored the soundtrack for the 2003 film The United States of Leland. In 2006, he followed Frog Queen with another solo album, World Waits on his own label, Lewis Hollow Records. A song from the album "Been Here Before," was included as an MP3 with Winamp.


Sunny Day Real Estate, especially Enigk, are often cited as progenitors of today's emo music. Enigk's vocals were delivered in a somewhat British-sounding falsetto most of the time, drawing comparisons to those of Jeff Buckley and Craig Wedren. This singing style is now widespread among current emo vocalists. Engik collaborated with Aaron Gillespie for The Almost song "Dirty and Left Out" (from Southern Weather) in 2007.



Appearances as guest vocalist

  • Poor Old Lu – "Answering Machine Message" on Sin (1994)
  • Poor Old Lu – "Digging Deep" on Straight Six EP (1995)
  • Bare Minimum – "Luchuck" on Can't Cure The Nailbiters (1998)
  • Poor Old Lu – "Digging Deep" on In Their Final Performance (1998)
  • Thirty Ought Six – "Tourmaline" on Hag Seed (1995)
  • MewithoutYou – "The Dryness and the Rain" and "O, Porcupine" Brother, Sister (2006)
  • Sea.Mine – "Me & My William" on Does Anyone Else Miss The Cold War? (2006)
  • The Almost – "Dirty And Left Out" on Southern Weather (2007)


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